Hi, I'm Mike

I am currently a computer science post-doctoral research fellow at Harvard University, under the supervision of Prof. Finale Doshi-Velez. We are actively exploring applications of machine learning to clinical medicine, especially combination therapies for mental health disorders and interventions in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

I completed my Ph.D. in computer science at Brown University in May 2016, advised by Prof. Erik Sudderth. For my thesis project, I studied large-scale unsupervised clustering problems like organizing every New York Times article from the last 20 years or automatically annotating videos of human activities. My technical focus was on developing optimization algorithms for a broad family of Bayesian nonparametric models that include mixtures, topic models, sequential models, and relational models. My collaborators and I have released an open-source Python package called BNPy. Please try it out!