About Us

We (Mike and Heena) met as first-year classmates at Olin College back in 2006. We became close friends in fall 2007 through our involvement in an engineering K-12 outreach program that Heena led on campus. Our first date was a winter formal dance in Dec. 2007.


Study Abroad

We quickly fell head-over-heels for one another. Our first epic adventure was a study abroad semester in Aberdeen, Scotland. We traveled across the UK and Europe together, which was an unforgetable bonding experience. We knew that if our relationship could stand strong while storming castles, braving Scottish downpours, and surviving Italy's public transit system, we could make it anywhere.

Study Abroad

College and Graduation

We survived a summer of long-distance while we each had internships at U.S. national laboratories before our senior year. After a quick trip to check out the awesome wind turbines Heena studied in Boulder, CO, we celebrated Mike's birthday at a Colorado Rockies baseball game. Senior year passed in a whirlwind of studying and socializing. Before we knew it, we graduated in Spring 2010.

College Years

Adventures in National Parks and India

To celebrate graduation, we took a 3-week tour of many national parks in the American West: Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Grand Canyon, Zion, and Arches. Soon after, Heena spent 9 months in India supported by a Fulbright Fellowship, while Mike began graduate school at Brown in Providence, RI. Mike came to visit India for 3 amazing weeks, and we survived the most extreme long-distance situation possible with flying colors. We ate amazing street food, saw Heena's awesome work with a science outreach program in rural India, and relaxed at the beach in Goa. Mike even almost became a guest star in a Bollywood movie.

Post-Grad Adventures

Graduate School Years

After her fellowship, Heena began graduate studies in Mechanical Engineering at MIT. Now only 1 hour away, we saw each other almost every weekend to pursue our shared passions for cooking, hiking, and skiing.

Grad School Hiking

The Proposal

On our seventh anniversary (Dec. 2014), we took a celebratory trip to the White Mountains in New Hampshire. During a romantic evening at the Omni Mt. Washington Resort, Mike popped the question. Heena accepted without hesitation :o) and quickly made a similar proposal to Mike. We celebrated with a gorgeous day of skiing at Bretton Woods.


We are extremely grateful for the love and support of friends and family throughout our relationship. We look forward to many years of happiness together.