Never been to a fusion wedding? Neither have we! As we dive into something new to us, here are some questions you might have that we’ll try to answer.

What should I wear to the ceremony/reception?

The short answer is: semi-formal and lots of colors and patterns!

Indians believe the more colorful the wedding the stronger the marriage. So, do us a favor and wear your brights (please avoid wearing solid white). Heena’s dress is coral colored.

We also encourage you to wear Indian fashion to celebrate! Women typically wear sarees, salwar kameez, anarkalis, and/or kurtis. Men wear kurtas or suits. You can find these items online, at your local Indian clothing store (Boston, NYC, Chicago, Seattle, etc.), or even for rent.

If you decide to wear a saree, we’ll help you get it on before the wedding. Just send us an email at heenamikeweddingATgmail.com.

We don’t plan to change between the wedding and reception, but you are welcome to!

What should I wear to other events?

The ice cream social is dressy casual.

Our beach picnic day is casual.

What will the reception be like?

The food will be Indian-Vegetarian with North and South Indian influences. We will have vegan options available, and gluten-free for those who request. Some food can be very rich at weddings, including nuts, ghee (clarified butter), cream, etc. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask the servers!

The reception will follow the general style of a typical American reception. There will be appetizers and drinks, dinner, dancing, and speeches.

What will the ceremony be like?

We will have a fusion ceremony mixing in pieces from Protestant Christian and Jain wedding ceremony traditions. The ceremony will take about an hour. There will be no food or breaks, so please eat beforehand.

How much fun should I expect to have?

Tons! We really hope you have an amazing time. Keep an open mind and try something new. Meet someone from the other side of the party. Dance your heart out.