Wedding Party

Heena's Party

Sarita Mutha

Sarita helped Heena navigate high school and college with fashion, make-up, research, and life advice. She's joined Heena and Mike for a whirlwind tour of Paris and Barcelona as well as several Thanksgivings filled with homemade pie and board games. She even gave Mike a home when he was stranded at Minneapolis airport for 36 hours during her law school finals.

Sulochana Mutha

Sulochana and Heena have been playmates since childhood, using tea time as a chance to fill their tea cups with pepsi. As adults, Sulochana has joined Heena and Mike for several backpacking adventures in Yosemite and Yellowstone. She's always there to remind us that the best solution to any problem is a good nap.

Casey Canfield

As college roommates, Casey and Heena learned to survive problem sets and relationships together. Casey played a key role in our first formal date by transforming a plain meeting room into a classy and romantic eatery. She's always there for tough love advice and invites to beach parties.

Jessi Murray

Jessi and Heena have been friends since college. Together, we love to belt out Lady Gaga songs in the car and exchange insanely delicious recipes. Jessi once engaged Mike in a whipped cream pie fight to decide who loved Heena the most.

Nora Xu

Nora and Heena were wingmates in high school and reconnected as good friends in graduate school. You can find them around Cambridge grabbing coffee and dessert or hitting the gym. Nora famously produced cupcakes with Heena and Mike’s faces on them to celebrate our engagement.

Stephanie Aldrin

Stephanie and Heena became Fulbright friends while traveling all over India together sharing views of the Himalayas. Steph continues to accompany us on backpacking adventures state-side. She's there to help us relax and find perspective (and tea!) when the going gets tough.


Mike's Party

Sarah Hughes, Mike's older sister.

Sarah has been there for Mike for fashion advice, baseball practice, and wild west adventures. She has has joined Mike and Heena for skiing, hiking, and several memorable card games. She's probably a big reason Mike isn't a total nerd and could even talk to Heena in the first place.

Amy Hughes, Mike's younger sister.

Amy shares Mike's passion for the great outdoors and the great indoors (aka TV). She spent a fun winter week in Cambridge with Mike and Heena full of cannoli, cribbage, and pranks. We turn to Amy when we need a good laugh: her repetoire of quotes from movies like The Sandlot is endless.

Kyle Bjordahl

Inseparable since first grade in Montana, Kyle and Mike have been web design company cofounders, film directors, and general partners-in-crime. Recently, Kyle threw Mike a birthday party in a trampoline park and helped us weather a recent Boston blizzard. We call Kyle for heartfelt advice and all our A/V needs.

Kayton Parekh

Growing up in Montana, Mike and Kayton made Star Wars-inspired films for English projects (with lightsabers!) and spent many teenage afternoons eating nachos and playing XBox. Kayton helped Mike craft some of his earliest text messages to Heena to earn her love. We turn to Kayton for good food, hilarious stories, and a place to stay whenever we visit Seattle.

Mike Roenbeck

Mike and Mike (and Heena) joined forces at Olin College for burrito expeditions and K-12 engineering education outreach. His Spanish skills are a big reason we got home in one piece during a visit to Barcelona while studying abroad. He's always there to give advice about surviving graduate school.

Marc Sweetgall

Marc has been a solid friend and dodgeball teammate since Mike's first week at Olin College (update: we hear he's now a captain of a championship dodgeball team). He once contemplated kidnapping a penguin at the Edinburgh Zoo while visiting Mike and Heena in Scotland. He has earned our coveted "most frequent visitor" award, despite living across the country in Seattle.